I’m a creative writing major with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations going into my junior year at Grand Valley State University.  I’m originally from the east side of the state in a suburb of Detroit called Grosse Pointe and though I still have family ties there I often don’t make it home during the year unless it’s a major holiday. My pull to advertising was creative aspect of it and being able to write with a voice that was not purely professional, and to be able to speak to society in ways of visual messaging, campaigns, or even company blogs. It fascinates me how much has changed through advertising with the use of technology. Different ways of approaching a consumer are rising and becoming more prominent each day. I’m part of many different clubs such as the photography club, swing dancing, and the outdoors club. Outside of school I tend to be focused not only on my career as an author and figuring out ways to improve my writing, but also on different ways to develop a healthy life style.  Health is very important to me, and throughout my days I try to make sure that I get enough exercise, through sports such as lacrosse, soccer, running, kickboxing, and yoga. Growing up, my mother was a huge advocate for self-improvement. We would always do some sport or some activity together, from mixed martial arts to just running in the early morning.  My family is very important to me, and through my years at college I started to reach out to them more and more. We are mostly Italian, and along with strong ties and overly huge Italian “get-togethers” there is food. Cooking is an art, and I love experimenting and sharing food with others. I quickly learned that there was no use for recipes in my family, almost everything was an experiment. My father would always say that nothing else was needed when you had “great food, great company, and decent conversations” and to an extent it seems right.  In general though, besides my love for the outdoors and my family, I guess one could say that I’m a hard worker, brutally honest when it is called for, and a kind hearted person.


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